About this Blog

The wolf is the epitome of everything I look for in a spirit animal.  Powerful instinct, high intelligence, fearlessness, discipline, intuition, undying love and loyalty for the pack.  I strive to be a True Alpha in everything I do.

The Bulldog on the other hand is docile yet gregarious, friendly yet wilful, comes with a sweet disposition until provoked.  Some people think I look a bit like one. 

A cautionary tale of food, sex ( don’t worry this is a family channel – it just rhymes that’s all) and rock and roll.

All similarities living or dead to anyone is intentional if complimentary but not otherwise. There are morsels of truth but much of it is exaggerated.

Proceed with caution or wild abandon (pick one ).

This blog is an outlet where I ramble on about personal perspectives, reflections, thoughts, aspirations, trials, tribulations, what I have done, and what I am about to do.

It is the ramblings of a Wolf and Bulldog Lover, Home Cook, Gym Rat, Lone Wolf, Constant Traveller and Occasional Lawyer.

It is about family, friends, love, grief and humour.

But above all, it is about Food. 

Food and Wine,  Food and Home Cooking,  Food and Recipes, the best places to eat when travelling, dining in high end restaurants and finding that hole in the wall Gem.

Food Glorious Food.

Andrew Ong