⁃ Merry Christmas Peeps


Flower crab and clams soup slowed boiled 5 hours with chicken and pork bones, pig trotters, dry scallops and seasoned with brandy, mirin, white wine and carnation milk

Served with bitter gourd, minced pork and prawns, water chestnut and dried sole fish meat cutlet, pig skin, beancurd skin and quail eggs

XO Dry scallops and dry prawns slow fried with chilli sambal and pork lard

Marinated 3 gingers deep fried crispy mid joint chicken wing

Home made wanton with minced pork and chicken, minced water chestnut and fresh prawns

Fried rice with egg white, diced long beans and slow cooked beef cubes

Tang Hoon fried with pork belly strips, pig skin, chicken liver and gizzard

Bean sprouts fried with shimeji mushrooms, Tau Kwa, Sakura prawns and salted fish

Champagne, Moscato, Port with blue cheese and dates

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