NATIONAL DAY LUNCH – slow roasted pork shoulder and steamed wantons

Sarah wanted to invite some of her friends over for a nice National Day Lunch.  I decided it was going to be a hearty and  slightly fusion meal.


This was the menu:

1. Homemade steamed wanton with flower crab sake broth.

2.  Overnight brined and Double Fried chicken eaten with mushroom cream sauce.

3. Pulled pork shoulder with sour cream, caramelised onions and guacamole in wraps and taco shells.

4.  Chilli cream Pasta with prawns, portobello and bacon

5.  Fennel and pear salad dressed with fresh lemon zest and juice, fried sliced garlic, vine tomatoes, raw sliced onions and shallots, and trickled with a truffle salt and honey dressing. 


I like to use the Pork shoulder cut for this dish as it has just the right amounts of fats for a slow roast.

The Pork shoulder was marinated for 12 hours with a dry rub of slow toasted dried sage, oregano, coriander seeds, cloves , lemongrass, Cambodian red pepper seeds, garlic , anchovies, smoked paprika, brown sugar, fresh thyme and olive oil.

The smell of the marinade was intoxicating.

It was then slow roasted in the oven for 5 hours at 140C🔥 until tender.

The pork was eaten with accompanying sour cream, caramelised onions and guacamole in wraps and tacos.


How to make the wantons:

The fillings for the wanton were as follows:

Minced pork was marinated with a little fried garlic oil, chinese rice wine, fish sauce, pepper.  

I fried 4 flat dried sole fish until crispy then, after cooling, pounded them into powder form and added this to the minced pork. No salt necessary for the minced pork as the fish sauce and this sole fish would make it saltish enough.

I fried 2 spoons of chopped garlic until browned and added this to the mixture.

Finally 10 finely chopped fresh water chestnuts were added to the pork to give it a crunch and freshness. 

Small amounts of this pork mixture were placed in the wanton skin with one or two small slices of prawns to make the delicious wantons.

The wantons were then placed in a bamboo steamer and steamed for 20 minutes.

Just before serving, I ladled the flower crab chicken broth I had slow cooked with fennel, fresh herbs and sake over the steamed wantons.

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