TAIWANESE DAN BING (BREAKFAST EGG CREPE) – When someone remembers you.



In Taiwan you will find a smattering of breakfast stalls everywhere selling hot sandwiches, assortment of yam and carrot cakes, and this delicious egg crepes called “Dan Bing” which is wrapped with all sorts of stuff like Tuna, ham, bacon, pork chop etc.  The crepe and ingredients are pan fried over a hot plate and served piping hot and delicious.

My favourite breakfast fix in Taipei – Mickey’s Dan Bing. I have been there for the last 10 years and have tried many stalls but Mickeys is special.

Mickeys is quite conveniently located. Make your way along the main Zhong Xiao East road 4th sector towards the direction of the 3rd sector. At some point W hotel will be on the left and soon you will reach the main intersection with Kee Lung Road. Once you pass this main intersection keep right and first (or second ?) right turn into the small road and this will be where Mickeys is located (see actual address in the photos below).

Their food is delicious and the Chef has a stomach that is twice my size – where to find such a gem (especially the stomach bit) ?

I went several months ago and Mickey seems to have lost a bit of his stomach. I better warn him. I haven’t been here for years and he has certainly lost quite a bit. Nobody trusts a skinny Chef.

When I approached, Lau Pan Nian smiled and barked out my special order before I could utter a word.

“Wei Yu Dan Bing Zhia Bacon Her Pao Tan Zhia La”

Tuna pancake with added bacon , sunny side up egg, extra chilli.

She remembered.

A tear rolled down my eye.

I wanted to give Mickey a massive hug but I was in a monkey suit and he was oily.

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