A3316E47-E7F6-4F24-96CC-6F8F4E4FFF08Did you hear the beating
Of the mourning hearts
Of the old,
The infirmed
Of soldiers
Of those who knelt
And reflected
And cried
But I fear
Is it too late for you to see ?

Did u see the tears of the vigil guards
Grown men
Young children
Races, Kings and Beggars
Who are now united in their sorrow
But how long will we grief and reflect
And will there be a better tomorrow?

The young and the restless
They never knew you
U have united them with their fathers
I think they now understand and see
But when the dust has all but fallen
Will they still remember your life’s work
For a nation to be free?

The world is now a darker place
But you have given us
your life
your fire
your tears
your dignity

We must now let you go
Go to her
Sleep well
And may you rest in peace .



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